Who am I

Digital photography is a gift. Anyone can take a good snapshot in an instant with his smartphone. However, key events in the life of your company, or portraits of your employees demand a professional photographer. I use all my skill, creativity, experience, and insistence on quality to in taking your photographs. I am a craftsman and always strive to portray atmosphere and passion in my pictures. Photography is, after all, an art. My understanding of light and composition allows me to create indelible images; I write with light what words can not say

 I have been honored with prizes both in Belgium and internationally. My work has been shown at exhibitions in Bourbon Lancy, France; Ping Yao, China; and in Belgium, in St. Martens Latem, Antwerp, Aalst, Tongeren and Furament Tervuren. I am a member of the Belgian Association of Professional Photographers, the European Federation of Photographers, Sofam and Unizo.

Who am I
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